Our Students

Mana with mana

Like our past and present students, our future students will be proud of who they are and where they are from.  They will be confident and able to participate and contribute to society. They will have goals and the ability to fulfill them.  Their skills and knowledge will be enhanced by passionate and compelling teaching with modern resources so that they will be able to use them as they strive for success.

Our Curriculum

‘Engaging, authentic & rich’

An innovative and fresh approach to curriculum design allows teams of teachers to focus on developing an engaging, authentic, and rich curriculum for Years 9 & 10 students. This includes integrated learning, with significant outdoor experiences which will accelerate the outcomes for students as well as provide a clear focus on vocational pathways. Our senior curriculum is designed to inspire the future aspirations of our students whether this is at university, polytechnic, or trade-based courses. 

Place-based learning

The Mana College school curriculum emphasizes place-based learning and engages junior students in the local context of Porirua West, Takapuwahia and local resources within the area as a reference point to their learning.  The purpose of this curriculum is to prepare learners for 21st century learning, particularly around the New Zealand curriculum principles including high expectations, learning to learn, cultural diversity, community engagement, the Treaty of Waitangi, inclusion, coherence and a focus for the future.

Student Leadership 2024

Head Students:

Pirihira Balt

Georgia Ellis

Madix Bailey

Jaidyn Fuimaono

Jack Chapman

Rosa Stratford