Music and Performing Arts

Performing arts provides a wealth of opportunities at Mana College

You can take part in the bi-annual production upfront on stage or behind the scenes making costumes, lighting, or sound production. You can learn to play an instrument, sing or participate in the Jazz band. You can be supported to form your own bands, dance troupes, or drama groups and participate in opportunities in school at lunchtimes, assemblies, or out in the community. You can compete at the top level against other schools in Rockquest/Tangata Beats or NZ Chamber Group Contest.

2021 School Production


Like a juggernaut train, every two years our school production comes by to excite, engage and celebrate the artistic talents of staff and students at the school. In 2019 Aladdin burst onto the scene with glitz, excitement and the razzle-dazzle of Disney. This year Grease was the word, and what a show.

It’s a tough ask to produce a school musical, with a live band, a very diverse cast that holds the audience’s attention in the way they did. Make no mistake this was a team effort from the backstage management, costume, make-up, lights, soundbox, cast and crew. The school and community commitment to this including security, ticketing, parking, fundraising and support of the Porirua arts community was huge.

Shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom.

2023, here we come!