Drop-off, Pick-up and Parking around Mana

February 27, 2023

Parking rules apply around the school, especially around the entrance.

For your safety and your child’s safety please do not drop-off or pick-up in the school entrance.  Drop-off and Pick-up zones are down by the Marae and on the road outside the school.

Yellow – Go Zones

Red- No Go Zones

Advantages of drop-off and pick-up areas 

● children are dropped off and picked up close to the school’s entrance (so they do not need to cross any roads) 

● they reduce traffic jams around the school (as parents and carers come and go faster than if they were to park and walk into the school grounds) 

Parking safety tips

Please park on the roads or streets around your children’s school: 

● try to leave home early to avoid arriving at the busiest times 

 ● park a safe distance from all crossings 

 ● always single park (double parking causes accidents and traffic jams)