Away for the day

April 10, 2024

From Term 2 we will expect student’s phones to be away for the day, meaning phones either do not come with the student to school (recommended) or are switched off and in their bags during the full school day. You can view a copy of the rules on our website here at

These rules are designed to ensure that the learning of all students is maximised, while minimising any potential for distraction and cyber-bullying.

If a parent or caregiver needs to contact their child urgently during the day, they should call the office or contact their child via their school email address. Parents and caregivers might also like to talk to their children about ways to manage any concerns about being off their phones for the day.

In order for this phone rule to be effective and to not disrupt our learning programmes we ask parents/ caregivers to speak to their child about these rules and reinforce the expectations of the school. 


cellphone policy   PDF, 136.3 KB