The Mana College Academies

Supportive and Inclusive Community

Mana College realises that a full educational experience needs to connect with students’ strengths, interests and passions.

Our Academies

Every Wednesday afternoon

Every Wednesday afternoon our school provides a series of Academies that provide all students – juniors and seniors – with an opportunity to dive into an area especially relevant to them. 

Academies are a way for us to build breadth and depth in the curriculum. It is also a way for students – of any age – to be leaders for other students. We have a diverse range of Academies in operation ranging from those that focus on the arts – such as those for our Major Production, Kapahaka, Community Art Projects and Exhibitions, through to Academically focused academies on Algebra and getting ready to university. There are loads of sports-based academies too – whether your interests are in excelling in rugby, basketball, boxing, fitness, volleyball or football.