Specific Pathways
Learning Pathways for successful students

At Mana College we offer a number of "specialised" pathways to support students in specific areas of study. Some of these pathways are highlighted below.

E Tipu

Construction School

Construction School

Services Academy

We are fortunate to have this full time course at our College. It caters for up to 20 students ranging in age from 16 years to beyond 19 years.  It is ideally suited for students who want to enter the New Zealand Defence Force or similar occupations. It also offers students the opportunity to engage with and grow in a climate that instills personal discipline and a high regard for others. Students will develop both teamwork and leadership skills, and a determination to master physical and mental challenges, preparing them for an independent thinking future. Please be aware that places are limited.  

For more information contact:  

Dave Prosser, Director Services Academy  email: davep@mana.school.nz

Te Whare Ako

Te Whare Ako is a group of ORS funded students. They are at the heart of Mana College and contribute to the wholeness of our school community. Coming from a variety of ethnicities and cultures and a range of aptitudes they look out for each other.

The students in Te Whare Ako have the choice of being fully or partially mainstreamed or taught in a closed environment. Every student will be on a pathway leading to an opportunity for NCEA certification. Te Whare Ako is a well-resourced and fully staffed unit.


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