E Tipu E Rea

E Tipu E Rea offers students who are committed to both the Te Reo and their Māori identity, the opportunity to succeed as Māori in all fields of study. This teaching and learning environment runs from Year 9 to Year 13. To be part of this programme, students and Whānau need to be committed to the kaupapa and students need to be prepared to remain at Mana College until the completion of Year 13. This is not an immersion programme but as close as a mainstream school can get to a bi-lingual setting. Mana College’s goal is to staff E Tipu E Rea courses with Māori role models.

Entry to this opportunity is by interview with our Kaiako.

Culture counts

A special component of our Junior school is the ‘E Tipu e Rea’ programme.

This is a Year 9-10 combined class, which is marae based and uses key elements of tuakana-teina, curriculum integration and whānau involvement and support.  Students in this programme report how connected they feel about their school experience, “Joining E Tipu e Rea has given me a clear view of what Te Ao Māori is all about”, “All of us are family and family is everything, that’s what I love about the whānau unit.”

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