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Tech Ready!

Mana College is fully equipped to meet the information explosion and harness all its powers for our "new generation" of students.

We have three computer rooms providing 24  desktops, 24 powerful All-in-one computers and 24 of the latest laptops between them. We also have 7 pods of 10 netbooks situated in almost every block. These resources will soon be boosted with 35 more brand new machines comprising a mix of net books, i-pads and laptops. We are wireless enabled and fully fibre cabled to take maximum advantage of ultrafast broadband.

All staff have completed a 3 year programme entitled Information Communication Technology Professional Development (ICTPD). It means that all our staff are able to use and give access to the new learning available through using the tools provided by the internet.

Our commitment to technology has seen us become just one of four schools to receive Microsoft IT Academy Accreditation – further demonstration of the progressive change occurring at Mana College.

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