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Increasing opportunity

At Mana College we recognise that being a small school gives us the ability to personalise learning and give each of our academic pathway students a personal mentor.

As a truly innovative school we question whether it is necessary to assess this group of students at Level 2 as they are all aiming at Level 3. We believe it is a  waste of precious learning time to assess some students for what will be a redundant qualification the following year. So this year we combined our Year 12 and 13 students together in a couple of subjects studying just level 3.

Essentially this means that students have 2 years to reach Level 3 and that the courses are built in two year long modules that combine to make a whole course at the end of the second year. One interesting by product of this is the fact that because class sizes increased there was more robust class debate, discussion and argument all of which augment learning. This innovative approach to learning has already shown encouraging results so from 2015 we will be able to widen the choice of subjects for students following this academic pathway.

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