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Mana College a Microsoft IT Academy

Mana College has been named one of ten schools nationwide selected by the Ministry of Education to implement the Microsoft IT Academy Program and make internationally recognised certifications available to all students.  

On 29th of August, Microsoft NZ's Education Sector Lead, Evan Blackman, travelled to the school to mark the occasion.

The program is a joint initiative from the Ministry of Education, Microsoft and is supported by Microsoft’s Academy Service Partner IC Central.

“We have full access to the enormous online resources of Microsoft which includes training and certification in a number of Microsoft products, such as Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, as well as advanced topics, including programming, Web development and database development,” said Mr Webster.

“We are also an accredited examining centre for internationally recognised qualifications,” he said. “The learning process involves students deeply in authentic learning. Experienced elsewhere suggests it becomes almost addictive in seeking to improve and spills over into other learning.”

“These qualifications are a significant point of difference to employers and allows successful students to stand out from the crowd,” he added.

The HOD IT, Sarb Kaur said more and more students are getting engaged in the Microsoft IT Academy work which they find challenging and rewarding at the same time. Some students spend their lunch times and study periods doing the Academy work. Mana College’s first Microsoft Office Specialist will receive a 32GB Microsoft Surface RT tablet.

Anyone interested in enrolling or getting further information on the Microsoft IT Academy can email the school:

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